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Simply complete your order and select postpay at checkout to slice your payments into three installments.

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Receive your order as normal and we collect installments when due, zero interest, and zero fees!


Postpay is a payment solution that allows you to split your purchase amount into instalments with absolutely zero interest and no fees!

Select Postpay on checkout and your total purchase will be split into [X] equal instalments. The first instalment is processed immediately and we deliver your order as normal, so you can enjoy now and pay later.
The remaining instalments are collected automatically on your debit/credit card thereafter. Absolutely no interest and zero fees are charged as-long-as all repayments are processed successfully on time.

To use Postpay, you must be over 18 years old and have a valid [Emirates and/or Saudi] ID Card and [UAE/KSA] mobile number

Select Postpay on checkout and they sign you instantlyy as you checkout!

With [Retailer] you can Postpay up to [Max Limiter].

There is absolutely no interest and zero fees when using Postpay.

Postpay does their best to give you the benefit of the doubt and they will process the payment at the latest hour on the agreed date. However, if Postpay cannot process the payment due to insufficient funds then late fees will apply as indicated in their terms (

Postpay accepts all major debit and credit cards (i.e. Mastercard, Visa). Please note that Postpay does not accept any prepaid cards.

Postpay performs a soft credit check to understand the repayment capability of each customer, this in turn has no impact on your credit rating.

If you do find yourself in this situation then please reach out to Postpay support team and one of their dedicated responsible spending advisors will look into the options they have available.

In short, yes of course! As-long-as the total amount on checkout does not exceed the limit.

We call this a partial refund. Once you return the items we will issue you a partial payment refund and Postpay will automatically update the instalment plan by deducting the refunded amount from the last instalment in reverse. If the refund amount exceeds the total due, then Postpay will refund you the outstanding balance to the payment method linked to that instalment. Otherwise, your upcoming payments will continue to be collected until the remaining balance is paid off. You can see all relevant details (per instalment) on the customer dashboard ( in the purchases section.

We call this a full refund. Once you return the items we will issue you a full payment refund and Postpay will refund you all the instalments you have already paid and cancel all upcoming payments. You can see all relevant details of full refunds on the customer dashboard ( in the purchases section in the canceled tab.

During the approval process Postpay performs authorizations on the debit/credit card you have entered. Some banks reflect this pre-authorization as a notification but please note that this amount is not captured. If you have any doubts please contact our support team (

Your security is of utmost importance – Postpay is a PCI DSS compliant company which means that they undergo strict compliance tests from the the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure that your data is safely stored in our systems. Please visit Postpay’s PCI DSS page ( to learn more.

Postpay aims to provide the maximum of eligible customers their service, that being mentioned they do perform real-time credit risk assessments and fraud checks throughout the process. If you are not approved, then there a few things to consider:
– Do you have sufficient funds to pay for the first immediate instalment?
– How many ongoing instalments do you have with Postpay?

Please contact for any further support

Important: Postpay is a third-party service offered at Living Point for customer convenience. Living Point does not hold responsibility for the financial or legal outcomes related to this service. Please read the service terms and conditions on the service provider’s website. All queries or complaints related to this service should be directed to the provider. Living Point will only share the data that is necessary to complete the transaction.  Credit card information used for transactions is not stored on the Living Point website, instead on the service provider servers.