Making of Sofa – The Living Point Story

It's not a piece of furniture what we sell...

It's our passion, dedication, quality and commitment.

When you order a piece of furniture from us, it goes through numerous processes within our factory in UAE. Each order is carefully evaluated, discussed, and executed in such a fashion that the end productions come out simply fabulous.

We make furniture that is simply unique, just like you!

Onto the Drawing Board

Once you place an order, we start with the design of the sofa. Our experienced designers will start working on a template.

The production floor

In most cases, we have the templates ready to be on the production floor. We select one as per the item you chose.

It's all in the base!

Right quality wood forms the skeleton of the furniture. We choose the best, imported wood for your furniture.

Takes Shape

The wood is now taking shapes. The frame, arms, leg.. it goes through various transformations. 

Craftsmanship & Artistry

Artisans work on finer details of your furniture. Expert carpenters carve out the beauty out of wood.

It can't be smoother!

The wood panels are smoothened for a stunning finish. As smooth as it can!


Sturdy & Supportive

It’s time to add the mesh that will support the furniture, a sofa in this case. The plastic mesh is tightened and fastened to the frame.


Yeah, comfy stuff here!

The comfort of a sofa comes from the cushion. The foam that will function as the cushion is now selected.

foam cutting

Mastery & artistry, again

Every step in the process involves expertise and mastery, a few in a bigger way. The foam is now cut into shapes.


Getting into shape

The sofa is now getting into shape. The foam is now glued onto the frame with meticulous precision.


It's not all that!

On the other side, we have some components of the furniture getting ready.


Apparel Proclaims..

The fabric of a sofa is of paramount importance. Living Point gives you the option to select the fabric of your choice from our collection.


Tailored to Perfection

Our skillful tailors are now stitching befitting apparel for the sofa.


Wearing a Statement

With the fabric now tailored, it’s getting fitted onto the sofa – with utmost precision and care.


Its mellow pillow 🙂

Nothing is as sweet as a soft pillow! Not just for support, but for everything else that’s life is good at. 


Hooray.. It's ready!

After all the quality checks and controls, your sofa is now ready to be shipped!

Be Seated!

It’s all yours!